Nike Ratings & ReviewS UI

This is a recent screenshot from

This is a recent screenshot from

Role / Responsibilities:

UI Design, Front-End Development


Work with Nike's in-house teams and design agency to collaborate on a UI design and implementation for the display of ratings and reviews on product pages throughout, as well as the submission of ratings and reviews on Optimizing the submission flow was a top priority for Nike. Enabling users to submit reviews with minimal hurdles while still capturing enough data to provide rich content with each review.

Though this layout may not look complicated on the surface, one of the biggest challenges with this project was simply overcoming the limitations of the Bazaarvoice platform and UI structure. My engineer and I had to get very creative to figure out solutions for forcing our square product into a round hole for Nike.

In the end, we were able to exceed Nike's expectations and even surprised our own colleagues with the flexibility of our platform.